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It is a well known fact that Costa Rican Coffee has shaped the culture and the economy of the country for as long as 200 years. The microclimates in Costa Rica which includes not too low and not too high coffee production lands have provide a perfect environment to produce VERY GOOD COFFEE. You can do your own research and find for yourself the Costa Rican long tradition of excellence in coffee (Read more:

Another fact is that the majority of the coffee is sold in 69kg bags at prices that sometimes do not cover the production costs. All this to get to other countries and find that a cup of coffee is Euros 4 or more, and not strange to pay US$4 for a cup of coffee that you and I can improve ANY DAY.

This is a two stages strategy to start with Costa Rican Coffee in the highest value added presentations. Considering that I am based in Costa Rica, it gives me the ability to find the farmers of coffee (who do not get fair prices) and the roaster / packer that will help to put together the DON CHALO Coffee bags that I will mention below.

The 40/200 Magic Ratio

My intention is to get to you with a CUP of the best coffee possible while the farmer(s) gets FAIR PRICES. In this way EVERY one involve gets a fair share of a very good business and you will see that following this strategy your CUP of coffee will be at least 40% cheaper, and I know it will be 200% better.

Wholesale Costa Rican Coffee

Farm-to-Cup Episode 1

The first step will be to sell in Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ) of 100 boxes of 14 x 350g bags. The DON CHALO Coffee will also available in 500g and 1,000g bags. As mentioned in the PRODUCTS section the DON CHALO Coffee will have a:

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): 100 boxes via air cargo or via consolidated ocean cargo.

With this first step we will test the markets and find the right commercial partners to develop the Episode 2: The DON CHALO Virtual Coffee Store (to sell retail bag-per-bag).

Tips for the BEST Coffee Cup experience

A good coffee experience is made of several factors:

1. Select the best coffee available in whole roasted beans. 2. Choose you preferred roasting:

a. Light Roast

b. Medium Roast

c. Dark Roast

Consider a Dark Roast for the breakfast coffee and a Light Roast for the afternoon coffee.

3. Buy whole beans that were recently roasted (no more than 7 months). This is where the DON CHALO Virtual Coffee Store makes sense to sell bag-per-bag so you can have fresh coffee all year round.
4. Store the beans in a glass jar or similar. Do not refrigerate. (Below picture is of a Mason Jar)

5. Always grind your own beans and grind only the amount of coffee that you will immediately use.

6. Use good water. This is vital, if your water have any flavor the coffee will take that flavor

7. Avoid cheap filters.

8. Use 10g of grind coffee per each 180ml (5oz). Every cup is better fresh, do not brew more coffee than what you will drink in the next 30-45 minutes.

9. Boil the water and wait 45 seconds to 1 minute so the water will be not too hot. If you are using a coffee maker do not leave the coffee maker on for more than 30 minutes.

10. Clean your brewing equipment with a high vinegar solution every 3 months.


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