FOOD is a SERIOUS matter for us. We strieve for VALUE which is the combiation of QUALITY first and then PRICE. We AUDIT all related food processing plants and check EVERY SINGLE container before it leaves the food processing plant. When to buy is also an ART. All prices quoted are subject to availability and final confirmation. Most food items are produced in specific months of the year: crops or catching seasons, so prices vary during the year. On time deliveries are a BLESSING. We star with the clients’ well projected yearly or crop-season needs, then we sign a CONTRACT with price, products and delivery tables.

Production starts here. Deliveries are made with a lead time of at least 30 days in the case of the canned food items. If the cans are lithographic printed we will need an extra week to coordinate that sourcing. We have our own Freight Forwarders in each origin and some of our clients contact their own Freight Forwarders in destination to request the best freight rates. We are always well informed about availability of cargo equipment and vessels, and about the best seasons to have the best freight rates.

The main seaports in USA are: Port of Los Angeles, Port of Long Beach, Port of New York and New Jersey, Georgia Ports, Ports of Seattle – Tacoma, Port of Virginia, Port of Houston, South Carolina Ports, Port of Oakland, and port of Miami. Well done ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS are a must. Our sales terms are FOB Port of Loading and we invoice in origin. We recommend to have an International Cargo Insurance in destination to cover the very few incidents in-land and ocean transportation.

We also provide the Free Sales Certificates for brand and products registrations in each country of destination, as well as the Certificates of Origin to comply with Free Trade Agreements requirements. Our payment terms vary from 100% advanced payment to 15% advanced payment, in the latter the second payment is executed against copy of the Bill of Lading (BL) via email. We accept Letters of Credit and Stand-by Letters of Credit, etc. We improve our ART day in and day out. We are here to help improve the GOOD FOOD availability for our clients and we like our ART to be better day in and day out.

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