Wholesale Frozen French Fries and Vegetables

Wholesale Frozen French Fries – Wholesale Frozen Vegetables

Wholesale Frozen French Fries – Wholesale Frozen Vegetables – Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): 1 × 40′ REEFER (One 40 foot refrigerated Full Container Load)
Available in Private Label.

From Europe

Wholesale Frozen French Fries 4 x 2.5kg bags. 20 MT per 40′ REEFER
9/10mm Straight Cuts, 6/7mm Shoestring Cuts
Other types of Wholesale Frozen French Fries available are:
Wholesale Frozen French Fries Crinkle Cuts
Wholesale Frozen French Fries Wedges
Wholesale Frozen French Fries Spicy Wedges
Wholesale Frozen French Fries Steak Fries


Some Health Benefits of French Fries are:


I hope you already know that French fries are made from potatoes which are a remarkable source of fiber. Eating a sufficient amount of fiber everyday offers a remarkable way to prevent constipation, move your bowels easily and lower your blood cholesterol levels.

In people whose diets are highly deficient in fiber, there is indeed more than 60% chance of developing poor digestion issues, gastric, duodenal and colon cancers. Without adequate fiber intake, the food duration in the stomach will increase, resulting in stomach and bowel problems—which put a stop to the absorption of nutrients in the gut.

Finally, the presence of food for long duration in your stomach can accelerate the release of free radicals that could induce cancers and other diseases that can make you sick.

However, moderate intake of French fries which has high fiber content can greatly reverse the aforementioned negative health trends caused by poor digestion.


Potatoes, from which French fries are made from, are very rich in Potassium. Potassium replenishes you with the energy you need to stay productive for the rest of the day. When potassium is deficient in your diet, there is a high chance that you would get tired out more easily (lethargy), your reflexes work slower than expected; and you often experience muscle cramps.

However, if you take adequate potassium through French fries and some other healthy foods sold at concession standsyour body will work at its best with a constant supply of energy to keep you function optimally.

Wholesale Frozen French Fries - Wholesale Frozen Vegetables


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