Wholesale Ecopouch Mushrooms

Wholesale Ecopouch Mushrooms

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): 1×20′ FCL (One 20 foot Full Container Load)
Available in Private Label.

From Holland

Wholesale Ecopouch Mushrooms 4×2.5 Kg Sliced 24x241g EOE Stackable – 2,700 cartons per 20’GP
Wholesale Ecopouch Mushrooms 24x425g EOE Stackable – 1,800 cartons per 20’GP
Wholesale Ecopouch Mushrooms 12x820g EOE Stackable – 1,800 cartons per 20’GP
Wholesale Ecopouch Mushrooms 6×3,000g Normal lids – 1,008 cartons per 20’GP

Wholesale Ecopouch Mushrooms are low in fat, have no cholesterol and are a source of calcium and potassium which help in the body’s maintenance of normal fluid and mineral balance, which helps to control blood pressure.

Our special Wholesale Ecopouch Mushrooms production procedure creates a quality of mushrooms which is incomparable to other preserves. Its taste and texture resemble that of fresh mushrooms. Your guests won’t notice the difference. Add ecopouch mushrooms to any meal and/or use the juice with intense umami taste as 100% natural basis for delicious sauces and soups.


The production and transport of our sterilized pouches are more energy efficient than traditional preserves and reduce the overall environmental impact. Its material flexibility, efficiency, adaptability, light weight and low volume lead to reductions in storage, distribution and transportation with associated energy and greenhouse gas emission savings. Furthermore, as Ecopouches do not need to be kept refrigerated, both supply chain as consumer save the associated extra energy for distribution, storage and transport. There is considerably less waste. Both mushrooms as juice can be used, reducing the residual product left in the packaging to zero, while the packaging itself can be recycled. Our mushrooms are sourced from local, GlobalGAP certified growers, known for their high quality products and sustainable, pesticide-free growing methods.

Wholesale Ecopouch Mushrooms


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