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Canned Food


There are many and many advantages of canning food such us:

1. You do not need preservatives to preserve the food. Heat and vaccum are enough.

2. You have 3 or more years shelf life even at Republica Dominicana’s or Costa Rican’s high temperature, high moisture for warehousing or supermarket shelves conditions.

3. The products will travel well by truck, by sea, by train in non refrigerated conditions. They can travel for years under rain or shine, and be readily available to be EATEN.

4. The food is protected with a great barrier: tinplate.

Canned Food

We are a Global Food Trading Company.

Our Minimum Order Quanttiy (MOQ): 1×20′ General Purpose (GP) One 20 Feet Full Container Load (FCL) = 21,500 kg Gross Weight. Our expertise is CANNED FOOD ITEMS such as: Mackerel, Tuna, Sardines, Peppers, Corn, Peaches and Fruit Cocktail, Milk, Mushrooms, Olives, and French Fries.

We are working to develop three very specific markets: REPUBLICA DOMINICANA, COLOMBIA, PERU and CANADA.

We source Tomatoes from ITALY, Olives and Olive Oil from SPAIN. The Red Hot Chilli Pepper Mash comes from COSTA RICA, and the canned fish, corn, fruit and mushrooms are from CHINA. We have sourced in the past milk products from HOLLAND, Corn from THAILAND and the US, Fruit from the US, Pineapple from THAILAND, etc.

Canned Food

Our major markets are the Central American countries and mainly COSTA RICA.

We are working to develop four very specific markets: REPUBLICA DOMINICANA, COLOMBIA, PERU and CANADA.

We have found that these four markets are very developed in their food taste.

We have the Quality Control on site for every container being delivered from China.

We look forward to develop the REPUBLICA DOMINICANA, COLOMBIA, PERU and CANADA markets for our line of CANNED FOOD ITEMS.

Minimum Order Quanttiy (MOQ): 1×20′ General Purpose (GP) One 20 Feet Full Container Load (FCL) = 21,500 kg Gross Weight.


The clients who will have the best experience of our services are the canned food online grocery stores, food distributors, foodservice companies, supermarkets and hot sauce manufacturers who need zero defects in their canned food items or industrial products containers over an extended period of time.

At least 10 years attending the major Food Trade Shows in France and Germany, looking at very beautiful web pages and brochures which amounted to nothing really worth the expenses and the efforts. Going back and checking thousands of contacts made on those Food Trade Shows, and again nothing.

I found a better way. Have you?
More expensive? Maybe, for me.
More effective for you and me? A lot.

Let’s go there!

My clients and I do not like headaches, we all want to sleep well at night. Safe and secure, without the bad feeling of having the whole container at the warehouse going through a 100% percent Quality Check (very expensive and labor intensive), to get an International Damage Certification (also very expensive), to then start a claim (sometimes in the thousands of dollars) that if you are lucky the packer will honor.

If you have not been in that situation this webpage and our services are not for you.

When I started more than 20 years ago with the Chinese packers the quality issues were in abundance: rusted cans, dented cans, labels falling, cans exploding, worms outside the cans, leakage of fluids from the cans making the carton boxes wet which counts for more rusting, the easy open end in the bottom of the can, foreign materials like cigarette butts. pieces of wood and hair inside the cans, etc, etc, etc…

I will tell you slowly, listen carefully!

An excellent Lebanese friend of mine, his name was Ziyad Sulyman, showed me once that the best way is to get a solid reference of someone who is already buying the product that you need from a packer that has no quality issues over many containers delivered. Now, even after receiving a good reference, I personally audit the packers’ processing plants from raw materials to heat penetration in the cans, from reliability to financial stability. Similar to what we do with all our clients.

Now we have reliable packers who are delivering hundreds of containers with zero defects. Why?

Because we have a Quality Assurance System in place. It took many years to develop this system. We inspect every single container before the cartons are loaded into the container. I receive a detailed report (15 parameters or more) of the canned food items before they are loaded into each container. It means cans with defects will not even be loaded into the container. Further, we have contracts that allow the buyer to charge a 30% US dollars extra on top of any claim made. I called it the trash clause, no trash is accepted.

This Quality Assurance System has provided the peace of mind and the resources to develop the canned food items to the next level. We have Lithographic Printed Cans that are 100% perfect. We have the Easy Tear Precut Carton Boxes (ETPCB) to enhance the filling of the supermarkets’ shelves. We send pictures of each container when it is loaded. We have gone into plastic cups of fruit with very good packaging, and we continue to move forward.

Free Sales Certificates (FSC) for Ministry Of Health Registration numbers done perfect and fast to be included in your labels -with your brand- with yours or our Nutritional Panel Information (NIP). We offer label design too. Our Original Documents for each invoice are done perfect to get the Free Trade Agreements’ import tax exemptions where that applies.

We are a professional group of people who deliver peace of mind, zero stress, good sleep and consistent value (guaranteed quality + price). Yes, our volumes allow us to negotiate and have very good prices.

I am not kidding!

We want to give the best service to our clients, if we were not able to provide that best service you will not be reading these lines. Our clients have taken more market share because they have us as a strategic alliance over an extended period of time… We can not do this for all, so we will stop offering this service as soon as we get 10 more good clients or by March 2024.

Ah! And please do not forget, our Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) is 1×20’GP container, we do not quote for less than that.

If you are interested click here (https://yireh.com/canned-and-frozen-products/) to request a quotation of our products.

PD. For us to start working on your project, fill all the spaces in the form, we do not want to spend our wheels on someone who is only checking prices. Let’s talk !


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